Wasn’t that something? A most remarkable sum of a thing.

My favorite feasts have something for everyone. It is in my nature to bring people together because I have always done so with or without provocation. When I’m at my best, I’m actually Co | mpanionable and reflexively Co | llaborative.

That doesn’t mean that everyone should live as I do. I am just sharing that where my intent is, my actions follow. I am what I am. That is Sanyu Estelle, by the way. And I am the self-proclaimed “Word Witch.”

For Volume 1 I constructed a “Swan Song Lexicon” from the vocabulary of the (first ever) 8 Co | Conspirators. But for Volume 2 ,“Tabougie” has been represented in each Co | ntributors own words or stylings, and I wish to honor that fully.

Tabougie Etymology

TABOUGIE, tabu-zhee, (v.), (adj.) + (n.)

2019, from Nu English, "making the sacred or forbidden distinguished,” explained in some English sources as being from Tongan (Polynesian language of the island of Tonga) ta-bu "sacred," from ta "mark" + bu "especially;" with bourgeois from Old French burgeis, borjois (12c.) "town dweller" (as distinct from "peasant"), from borc "town, village," from Frankish *burg "city" (from PIE root *bhergh- (2) "high," with derivatives referring to hills and hill-forts).

The noun, adjective and verb are Nu English innovations first recorded in Estelle’s seasonal journal The Co | Zine, Volume 2.

Tabougie Definitions

1. Making that which is ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ peak (high) and distinguished; and

2. Making that which is especially marked as ‘forbidden’ or ‘prohibited’ distinguished and apart from.
— Sanyu Estelle

Bourgeois culture appropriating what they previously deemed as taboo, worldwide.
— Donya Bouzarjomehri

An act of protest prioritizing well-being over anything, everything and everyone else by setting firm boundaries selfishly and without guilt, and also seeking as much pleasure, enjoyment and peace as possible.
— Katarra LaRae Peterson

1. Forbidden to profane use or contact because of what are held to be dangerous supernatural powers and marked by a concern for material interests, respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity; and/or

2. The shit you are afraid to do/be because its dangerous supernatural power could mess with your material respectability and mediocrity.
— Rosalie Tucker

— Kelly Kate Warren

1. Where there is most certainly power to grieve, to let yourself grieve, and be allowed to grieve in order to experience these things fully and respectfully as a source of strength; and/or

2. Knowing and experiencing our interconnectedness as our true power and gift.
— Ziloeta

1. An ability to make yourself really fucking clear.

2. ‘Too Muchness’
— Lola Venado

(Iridescent representation of the feminine)
— Jennifer Benitez

Felt when there is something to do. Certain matters of integrity that are important no matter what the circumstances.
— Your Mans


I hope you found a definition you can utilize. I hope you are wondering at your own TABOUGIE. I hope you start to see it everywhere and in everyone and everything.

For this is something we are each entitled to exist as.


Sanyu Estelle