Hello again. I hope you have come out the other side of Volume One quite refreshed and rejuvenated. As for me, I am the (self-proclaimed) Word Witch. I love words (language) and their origins (etymology) and how those words shape the nuances of culture (philology).

So I have been inspired to close out this first release with a word I have either chosen or been inspired to choose from each of the 8 contributions we have seen within the boundaries of this first volume.

A Swan Song Lexicon


Paradox is depth primordial.

What is a disciple of nature begets life. Helps that outside of it flourish or take on a life of its own. Gives birth.

What is a disciple of the opposite of nature, which I will claim is “nothing” or—at least—the advocacy of it. Nihilism, essentially. The doctrine of “notness.”

What is a disciple of nihilism begets decay. Helps that outside of it wither or take on the lives or life of others. Gives murder. Gives death that is out of order. Premature. Fabricated. Synthetic. Not indicative to nature itself, but a part of nature as well.

Maybe fate is just the order of chaos.

In Latin, “thing spoken by the gods.” But this notes form rather than function. Gives designation to the gods rather than their words.

Perhaps it is not being a god that makes a god powerful. But, rather, what those whom we attribute godliness to both know and learned to unknow.

We are constantly giving our power over. The same power that made every other thing not only possible, but conceivable. To achieve you must conceive first.

All possible divisions are valid divisions.

Time is a concept. A mechanism. A manner of perceiving experience. Some divide experience by emotion. Some divide experience by betrayals. Some divide experience by monetary accomplishments. Some divide experience by how much they can improve themselves. Some divide experience by how much they can do for the world. All possible divisions are valid divisions. Navigating one's own divisions alongside that of others with neutrality is Time Lordship (more on this later). It is more important to be aware of this and what your divisions are than it is to divide “properly.”

At the end of your existence, you have the last experience of what it was all worth.

To be strong. Not to be perceived as strong or said to be strong or thought of as strong or told to be strong.

To BE strong. To live that existence. To let it arise from your very beingness. Not from without it. Not given. Not even stumbled upon.

Inherent. Yours. Your own slice of heaven. A testament to will power. To knowing beyond the shadow of duality. Given. Within. A part of. Inherent.

Nobody can value you more well than you can value yourself. They can wager, but the ability to wager is not synonymous with the ability to know value when one sees it.


Things Africa has given everyone. Through blood.

Not of Proto-Indo-European origin. No certain Indo-European etymology. Neither dialects were ever written anyway. They were inherited by word of mouth. Story telling. Conversation and then migration. And that is why root words across a diaspora of cultures and languages find their (knowable) bedrock in PIE very often.

But “where” these words come from is a mystery. We can only trace things as far back as we claim to understand them. And Understanding is updating itself at all moments. Always making itself better known to those intentionally re-minding their perception.

You will flower. You will thrive. You will bloom. From the cradle of modern day humxnity, across all of Pangaea and “Time” until by 7 continents above water you feel divided. An ancient knowledge of kinship will survive. Of genetic links, their significance and you as their pride. Things Africa has given everyone. Through blood. The ability to transcend every challenge that seeks to obliterate it from our awareness.


To love as deeply as freedom is wide. This I will for you.

The act of loving. Not simply the euphoria that such acts and stimulants provide, nor just the feeling. Being about it. Recognizing the multi-dimensionality of it. It in its very doing. How it operates. How does it operate?

Through freedom. Through free will. Through the freedom to reside. Through the freedom of do what you wilt.

“Real Love.” How it can inspire feelings in the first place. What it does. What it is. Not simply how it feels, but how it goes about itself. What it is with or without you. How it is. It's very nature, begotten as its birthright.


Main or principle part of anything. But otherwise of unknown origin.

Te he. Well that's paradoxical. Don’t bodies just seem to confound people? Maybe that is their nature. Which we now know means how bodies happen to “beget” things. Namely themselves.

They make themselves apparent. They make themselves a part of. They make themselves a thing amongst other things that are distinguishing themselves to something's perspective.

That’s just how they is. It's how they be. And being inside yours and the bodies of other elements is exactly how you must come to know them. And through them and of them, you may even discover who you are. The self within selves.


But you must be present in your life and your doings to powerfully perceive things, or you give your power away.

Don’t fret. Lord actually means “one who guards the loaves (of bread)” or someone who “perceives” and “watches out for.”

No gender dynamics need be assumed simply because of how “Time” became His-story. Because the thing about power is that it really is what it is. It is within everything and can be known and held by all as a result. Unbeholden.

Power is not negotiating with anybody. It isn’t making claims. It is only doing what it has always been doing. Being powerful by way of perceiving things.

It is a power each of us holds and every one of us can claim, but only we can give ourselves permission to access that which is within us in the first place.


May your necessary Swan Songing be natural. May it be fate-full. May it remain timeless and thereby infinitely meld-able. May you see all its value. May you be what you value. May you be freed by the same bloodlines that made you possible. For they assisted you by existing you into your ability be in this. Here. The body you inhabit. It is your Earthly power to conduct it. To conduct yourself through it. DIVE! Dive!

Don’t stop. Now is all you have to inhabit.


Sanyu Estelle