Feeling Feels?
Thinking Thinks?
Doing Dos?
Knowing Knows?

There was a lot of ground covered in this 1st Edition Anthology that is also Volume 3 of our beloved Co | Zine!

If you weren’t able to read it all in one sitting that just means you’ve savored it and I’m glad for that.

Because humxns are the “Masters of Limitation,” often we learn what we deserve from being negated. This has been especially true of womxn, regardless of creed, pigment, gender, size, age, abilities, origin or sexual preferences.

As a species we could do better in not only honoring womxn, but also the feminine within everything. We all have mother energy that we can cultivate and inhabit.

Alleged Myths re: the Way Womxn Should Be Treated

1. As rare as a mermaid

2. Well nourished, Well Fed

3. Enjoyed as much as music

4. Like they too have seasons

5. Aware, Powerful, Resilient, Communal, Persistent

6. Worth saving and protecting

7. Capable of anything


Of course there’s a version of this list for all different groups, communities and demographics; but this is a start and a beginning of a long form conversation I’ve long been interested in embarking on.

If you have learned, or at least wondered, about how you can better honor the feminine with you or around you . . . then our job is well begun.



Sanyu Estelle