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Hey hey now!

I’m your resident reader this volume and it is my pleasure to bring to you the newly reconceived . . .


Originally I called these “Taolchemist Scopes” and sorted them by various categories within astrology (North Node, 12th House and Sun), but then I thought it would be more in alignment with the Tao to let people choose their own reading. Obviously, before, you could read and relate to whatever you wanted regardless of how I categorized it. You still can!

This time around, I was advised to choose 13 taoist passages. And while, yes, there is a 13th astrology sign (and various astrology systems that aren’t Western with many different numerical configurations), I was advised to let go of the astrological categorizations entirely. So they’re gone!

So now, my only instruction is that you choose the reading you feel most repelled, neutral or drawn to. Later on, if you need guidance, come back and read a different one if you feel compelled to. Or choose randomly. Even pick your favorite number. The choice is truly yours. I only ordered them as I wrote them.

On that note, let me cite my sources of inspiration. All Taoist texts I used to divine my own readings written at least in part by people whose ancestors were indigenous to the regions where Taoism was formed and practiced. All sources paid for out of my own pocket because pay the indigenous and spiritual elders and elder cultures for their work!

Taoist Resources

  • I-Ching 64 Oracle Cards translated by Olivia Leung: One (#13), TWO (#29), THREE (#40), FOUR (#41)

  • The Tao Te Ching translated by Gia-Fu Feng: FIVE (#1), SIX (#21), SEVEN (#41)

  • 365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao: Eight (#73), Nine (#91), TEN (#250), Eleven (#260), Twelve (#300), Thirteen (#363)

Blessed Be.

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