How deep is your love? How tenderly do you embrace your unknown? You don't need to refuse what you don't know about. You can just learn. 

If you don't prefer an experience, be grateful just to know that. You can learn everything you need to know from your circumstances. 

Existence does nothing irrelevant. As Existence it can't do nothing. And being eternal it can do nothing inefficient, so there is no such thing as irrelevance coming from it.

If it has a place and it took place, it has a cause. A purpose. A lesson. Something for you to know. 

Just be gentle with yourself. You are learning. Re-membering all you once knew. Evolving through your perspective by being with all that is before you.

Melanin-having (like 80%), feminice (as in dope, not kind), cis-gender (this word's definition is questionable), queer-thinking (this word's origin is questioned), travel apt (I'm an Earthling first) and fashion forward (I dress myself) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). 

I'm your forebearers attainable unreality. * 


* Existing despite other peoples BS circa conception.