Afraid of falling. Should that be a question or a statement? Or did you just accept my punctuation?

A metaphor for what else is going on? Nobody is deciding for you how you can or will feel determined to be what you want. If you're waiting for approval then you should probably get on that!

Yes, you're waiting on yourself. Obviously! You're the one you need to help. To trust. To get into accepting. 

Are you not the one you want? That's a major factor of happiness. Not being someone else, but becoming the one you need to become to have the things you believe you should have. 

It'll be on multidimensional terms though, so prepare to bargain with yourself.

Melanin-having (like 80%), feminice (as in dope, not kind), cis-gender (this word's definition is questionable), queer-thinking (this word's origin is questioned), travel apt (I'm an Earthling first) and fashion forward (I dress myself) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). 

I'm your forebearers attainable unreality. * 


* Existing despite other peoples BS circa conception.