Nothing is lost. Things just shift. Rearrange. Recoordinate. Rewrite. Revisit. Nothing isn't even nothing, for it's a concept constructed from our ideas. 

Even when a person leaves physical form they are not lost to us. They're just different. And so will be their approach. Every life is sacred and eternal. Essence cannot be deconstructed. 

When a person leaves their body you neither forget THEM nor their influence. So you know their bodies cannot contain them. 

Try to get into this from more than a theoretical perspective. Fundamentally understand that consciousness begets itself. It is self fulfilling, omnisexual and androgynous. Self sufficiently procreative. Infinite. 

Everything is accounted for. The Multiverse is aware of itself and where you are. You are not lost here. But if you know Existence is all powerful, also trust that where it helps you be is the place from where you are supposed to observe.

Melanin-having (like 80%), feminice (as in dope, not kind), cis-gender (this word's definition is questionable), queer-thinking (this word's origin is questioned), travel apt (I'm an Earthling first) and fashion forward (I dress myself) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). 

I'm your forebearers attainable unreality. * 


* Existing despite other peoples BS circa conception.