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VIRGO | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
VIRGO | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. The Nine of Wands

  2. How will you break it? Ace of Swords

  3. The New New. Page of Wands

Virgo, no one likes to be told to give up on something they love. And they shouldn’t, because that is a bullshit thing to tell someone. This is the taboo to break. As an Earth sign, you are no stranger to sticking to your convictions, but this is a unique test.

  • The Nine of Wands is the card of having made it a very long way, of having pushed and worked toward your goals, and of hitting a wall – internally and externally – and finding that you are exhausted and somewhat disillusioned by the work you have been engaged in. And the world around really wants you to stop pushing because you are changing and growing. The Nine of Wands also tells you to push through your exhaustion. Not the gross and socially normalized “pushing through” that requires performing a masochistic dance of depression and stress that depletes your inner resources. What you are in is a creative crisis–an apex of energy that feels like too much; a trial by fire. And, while you are used to digging your roots deep when you need more energy, the next card tells you to reach for the sky instead. The support you need will come from

  • The Ace of Swords: sudden mental clarity and new ideas that, once received, must be heeded. The overwhelming fire of the Ace of Swords makes you want to tame it, but instead you need to feed it with the wind of inspiration. These two cards might be a loner path–don’t expect anyone to fully “get” what you are doing–but do use the excitement of new ideas generated from meaningful conversation. You have something damn good brewing. And the final result of that brewing is

  • The Page of Wands, beautiful and fresh, a bright, free, creative mind, the incredible sweetness of new creative energy. The Page of Wands is a reminder that being aware is sexy and being kind is a form of wealth.

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