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TAURUS | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
TAURUS | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo? Seven of Swords

  2. How will you break it? Ten of Cups

  3. The New NEW. Four of Swords

Taurus, my love, the taboo for you is . . .

  • The Seven of Swords: trickery, deceit, secrets, manipulations designed to control the outcomes of a situation. The story here is for you to lean into secrecy and manipulation. This is not your normal mode, Taurus, as you are a direct, push past the obstacles and demand what you want kind of person. You may not shout about it, but you don’t usually hide what you want, or why. Let secrecy be your tool at this time. And the cards say that you will break this taboo with LOVE–consistent and stable love–

  • The Ten of Cups. You are being asked to lie and cheat a bit, just in order to build a base of love and support. Manipulation is a word with negative connotations. These two cards ask you to think about how you can manipulate the situations in a world that is designed to undercut you. We live in systems of patriarchy and white supremacy and ableism, and in order to thrive, we must keep things hidden to protect what is beautiful and possible within us. When you are doing big magic, which this reading tells me you are, only share your methods with those who are in full alignment with the outcomes you are working toward. And don’t hesitate to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get to that love–it really is for the best of the collective (the ten of cups is about community love, family love) and you need to do this in order to get to the next phase. The New NEW you will receive through your secretive and loving work is your third card,

  • The Four of Swords: mental clarity. This is the card of meditation, of holding space and stillness so that you may always see clearly. In a nutshell, Taurus, you are going to need to LIE with LOVE in order to remain CLEAR enough to produce the big magic you are working on. These are the seeds of abundance.

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