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SAGITTARIUS | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
SAGITTARIUS | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. Six of Pentacles

  2. How will you break it? The Fool

  3. The New New. Two of Cups


  • The Six of Pentacles presents the taboo you are here to break this season and it’s all about generosity and what it takes to really BE generous. We have a story in our world that generosity should be offered with no thought of the return, that giving and getting are not interconnected, that giving is about the other and not about ourselves. The way I see it, this story has created a bunch of hungry ghosts consumed by their desire to receive, giving only from a twisted expectation that this will get what they desire. Don’t be that person. If you are giving from an empty well, please stop. No one actually needs anything from you if you are not already abundant and full. Being a martyr is, truly, the most selfish choice you can make–so if that is where you are orienting yourself I hope you see and feel that it leads nowhere worthwhile or fun for anyone involved. The next card in your reading is a perfect one for breaking the taboo of “generosity”,

  • The Fool – 0. This card is 100% self-absorbed in the way a newborn is–a self-absorption that embodies what is most amazing and beautiful about our desire to truly LIVE. We must ask for our needs to be fulfilled FIRST, and we must trust that the energy exists to support the life we are meant to live. We must jump and let ourselves be caught and carried. We won’t get to control HOW we are loved, but we can sing wildly for the love we know we need. And that singing will be heard. Trust. The result of this self-absorbed generosity for you will be

  • The Two of Cups, a card that really shows us what it is to be in partnership. If you are willing to clearly and lovingly focus on your own needs, you will actually have the sensitivity and capacity to hear and respond to the needs of others. You can love others best by understanding what it is to ask for the love you need, you can support others best by allowing yourself to be supported. A perfect system is one that leaves no unnecessary waste. Resentment or feeling unmet creates waste because it doesn’t allow us to learn relational exchange. Tell your story; a story is a form of magical currency if you tell it with absolute honesty.

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