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PISCES | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
PISCES | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. Judgement – XX

  2. How will you break it? Nine of Pentacles

  3. The New New. Seven of Cups

Dear Pisces, as I write this we are in the midst of your season (early March) and I feel you for sure! The first card, the taboo you can choose to break this season, is

  • Judgement – XX. Of the cards in the Major Arcana, this one is often misunderstood because we have a very confused sense of what the word Judgement really means. This card is about clear seeing, vision that stretches for miles around and holds true compassion for those in every direction. This card speaks of the necessity for judgement to be clear if justice is to be possible. For you, a water sign so deeply imbued with the ability to feel what others feel, this kind of clear-sighted judgment might feel overwhelming and possibly harsh. Because, once you recognize clearly what is happening around you, you will be asked to make decisions from that space. And in this world, so deeply flawed and imbued with injustice, this card is a true taboo. If we all act with the kind of clarity and collective vision of the Judgment card, systems propped up by patriarchy and white supremacy will be forced to crumble. And while you are not single handedly creating a space of justice, you are being asked to work toward that in whatever small or large ways you can. The card to support this work for you is

  • The Nine of Pentacles, a card of grounded abundance. A card of having worked hard and invested in what you believe in, and of being able to reap the benefits of this work. This card tells you that the path toward clear Judgment is in staying focused on the work you have been doing all along. It is good work and it is worthy work, and you have much to gain in it. And the final card in this reading is, in some ways, a warning.

  • The Seven of Cups is a card of beautiful illusions, but also of psychic vision and ability, this card shows you how dreaming can open us to possibilities, but often people choose to stop at the dreaming and never step toward the doing. Because to truly invest in bringing your dreams to life you must open your eyes and let go of that which no longer rings true. And that brings us right back to the first card in your reading: Judgement. This season will be like a circle, you will be reminded again and again to stay centered on the clear beautiful truths.The intoxicating fun of dreaming impossible dreams is not nearly as fulfilling as the work and dedication of making possible dreams manifest.

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