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LIBRA | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
LIBRA | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. Two of Wands

  2. How will you break it? King of Cups

  3. The New New. Knight of Cups

Your taboo, my Libra love, is the sweetest taboo (couldn’t help myself ;-).

  • The Two of Wands is a decadent visionary, a successful weirdo, an active participant in the transformative magic of the universe. The taboo here is about being the person who makes choices purely on your own terms, those terms being creativity and magic and joy….that shit is not the norm and is definitely not supported by the status quo. So, your vibe is to break every norm imaginable. Be a joy pimp and pleasure activist. How will you break this lovely taboo? You will use the magic of the sexy and present

  • King of Cups. This card tells you to speak and feel your true self, knowing that it is your power. Your ability to connect and be vulnerable from a space of strength is what will encourage abundance. What you give is what you get, after all, and the final card in your reading is a perfect indication of this.

  • The Knight of Cups speaks to the way in which you can and will act upon the emotions you were born to feel. What more can we really ask, but to be the conduits of feelings felt only in human form? Do. That. Shit. Babe. After all, your relationships are what make you a Rich Bitch.

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Melanin-having (like 80%), feminice (as in dope, not kind), cis-gender (this word's definition is questionable), queer-thinking (this word's origin is questioned), travel apt (I'm an Earthling first) and fashion forward (I dress myself) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). 

I'm your forebearers attainable unreality. * 


* Existing despite other peoples BS circa conception.