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GEMINI | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
GEMINI | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo? The Chariot - VII

  2. How will you break it? King of Wands

  3. The New NEW. Eight of Wands

Gemini, you ready? I mean, it doesn’t actually matter if you’re ready, because it is happening either way and you will figure it out or get trampled. So, ya know, get ready. The taboo you are on deck to break is represented by

  • The Chariot – VII. This is the card of the Amazon Warrior driving into battle, ready to win. You are not to be fucked with, you are on a mission. This will not be a messy fight–you are not fighting with emotion–you are fighting with skills honed over time and you are fighting for something you know you deserve. And will not give up until you win. The taboo here–for those of us in Queer/Trans/Femme/Disabled/BIPOC bodies–is that we have been TRAINED to always ask nicely and wait patiently for what we want. Respectability politics…Submission…suck it up and keep your head down. But this is not the season of patience for you, Gemini. This season you step into battle, sword drawn, and you conquer. Your second card tells you that you will use the skills of

  • The King of Wands: wielding creative leadership and fire. The battle you fight will likely include you having the best and most interesting ideas, and by demanding that they be honored. Thankfully, those who know what is good for them will follow your lead. A good leader is a beautiful thing. Sensual aggression is yours to use: the aggression of a hot, clean-burning fire, the fire of a really great fuck. Be in charge. Be a boss. The New NEW resulting from this course of action is

  • The Eight of Wands – wild forward momentum, more fire and more movement! This is the card of taking ACTION. The path is clear for you to travel, start a new business, creative ideas and possibilities will flood you and you should act on them. This is going to be fun. Create your world.

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Melanin-having (like 80%), feminice (as in dope, not kind), cis-gender (this word's definition is questionable), queer-thinking (this word's origin is questioned), travel apt (I'm an Earthling first) and fashion forward (I dress myself) SSJW (Sarcastic Social Justice Warrior). 

I'm your forebearers attainable unreality. * 


* Existing despite other peoples BS circa conception.