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CAPRICORN | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
CAPRICORN | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. Five of Swords

  2. How will you break it? Ten of Wands

  3. The New New. The Sun

My sweet and powerful Capricorn loves. This reading is so clear and beautiful, just like your bright and consistent spirit. The first card, the taboo you will be tasked to break this spring season, is all about your ego as represented by

  • The Five of Swords: conflict, defeat, negativity, manipulation. The taboo here is in the attention you give to how you are perceived. This is a hard one because being loved and appreciated is a very real and important need for everyone in human form. Where this gets challenging is when we get stuck on an external desire to be seen by others rather than focusing on the underlying need, which is to be met by others. The work you will do here lives in the next card–

  • The Ten of Wands–a card about acting the martyr because you believe you are the only one you can trust to do a job well. Sound familiar? The Ten of Wands is the person carrying everything up a hill, even if there is a road and a driver available to transport them. These two cards come down to a simple set of instructions: Let go of conflict, be vulnerable, trust that you will be met and let others meet you. Your final card, the result of following this path, is

  • The Sun – XIX, a card of amazing sweetness. The Sun says: there is nothing more beautiful than the completion and pleasure we get from basking in the sun. The sun loves to be loved, and loves to love you. This is good shit. Remember Capricorn, everyone trusts you. Now go ahead and trust us back. We got you boo.

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