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CANCER | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
CANCER | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo. Eight of Swords

  2. How will you break it? Eight of Cups

  3. The New New. Ten of Cups

Dear Cancer, the taboo you are here to break is related to how trapped you feel in your own patterns.

  • The Eight of Swords is the card of being in cycles of negativity and hopelessness, and the ways we repeat these same things over and over. The taboo you are breaking is related to admitting when you are wrong or when something you are doing is causing harm. It is the taboo of taking personal responsibility. We are taught to see this as weakness, or as something that will expose too much and be used against us, but this card is asking you to really look at what it means to admit your faults, and what may blossom as a result. In another way, this card is asking you to dig into the depths of your own wounds and truly heal through them. We all carry traumas from the generations behind us, from our parents, from those in our lineage and environments who were also hurt. Until we actually heal deeply, we will continue to share these wounds with those around us and with the generations beyond us. While we may not have caused the wounds, we are still responsible for any actions we take from those wounded places. And the way forward, the card to help you on this path, is

  • The Eight of Cups: A card of saying goodbye and finding solitude. This card often means leaving a situation–one which may look really good on the surface–but one that you know on a deep level is causing harm or hurt for you. Choosing to retreat and find the space of solitude will be difficult, and it will be deeply healing for you. And as a water sign, your healing has an incredible impact on those around you. And what is the result of this deep, difficult, healing work? So much good love. Your third card is

  • The Ten of Cups–a card of community and fulfillment and connection and very solid supported love. This is a love that is consistent, the best thing ever for your sweet cancer heart. This love is the love of home and family. This is the love we build as a base for our children to return to. This is the love we all want to have as a base to support our magic in the world. The work you do will heal those around you. Thank you, sweet Cancer, what a gift.

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