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ARIES | Sun & Rising

Sanyu EstelleComment
ARIES | Sun & Rising
  1. The Taboo? The Star - XVII

  2. How will you break it? Three of Wands

  3. The New NEW. Two of Pentacles

Aries, baby, the taboo for you is one of the sweetest cards in the entire Tarot:

  • The Star – XVII. This card tells us to sit in our intuitive and creative selves, tender inspiration, the simple and gentle pleasures of existence, and the dreams of possibility. The taboo you are breaking this season is the STORY that says you are not allowed to dream, that dreaming is not enough, that to believe in your magic is foolish, and that to rest in the pleasure of this state is a waste of time. Aries, my love, you are always moving, which is part of your charm, but pay attention to when your drive to DO is coming from a belief that you must keep moving in order to prove your worth. Break up with being busy. How can you do this? The

  • Three of Wands says you should look at what you have been doing, what you love doing, and focus on that. Be proud of what you have already done, let that be enough. We are told that pride is taboo or sinful–Fuck that Noise. Whatever you like about your life right now deserves to be celebrated. Proclaim loudly how your dreams have already come true, and do it while feeling appreciation.  And what is the New NEW you will gain from sitting your ass down to enjoy the prosperous sexiness of your dream state?

  • The Two of Pentacles: the card of being flexible and deft in the face of change. By stopping to rest, reset, dream, you will be able to re-join the flow with even more wild and fun energy. The Two of Pentacles is a badass juggler experiencing the exhilaration of movement in a way that does not deplete because it is generative and creative. Not focused on proving yourself, but on the dance of new projects and the messiness of being fresh and free. It will feel damn good. Cheers babe.

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