It’s been a little longer than usual, but we’re alive!

Have you been well? Or are you caught in the throes of survival? Summer offers both and, as it happens, so do I.

Coochie’s Fables: Allegedly Mythical Stories About the Way Womxn Should Be Treated
— An Anthology, 1st Edition

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Am I right?

But let me tell you why.

So, you’d assume I’d look up all my volume titles and themes word by word before choosing my theme right? Well, you’d be wrong to assume. Maybe your assumption wouldn’t be wrong, but don’t be assuming anything! Anyway, this time I didn’t do that because “Coochie’s Fables” is a title and idea that came to me on May 13, 2018. I sat with it for a while and let it marinate before it occurred to me I wanted it to be one of The Co | Zine’s volume themes.

I chose Summer because it’s allegedly “uncuffing” season, but, you know, it’s also Summer so it took a while to gather enough Co | Ntributors since people are busy beeing and uncuffing and just generally trying to get the fuck out of wherever feels stagnant. That being acknowledged, you know how things are blessings in disguise? So too with this. Because I want Coochie’s Fables to be an anthology, but it also must be an ongoing conversation.

Fables change, as you’ll see and, well, coochies are fascinating and mysterious things, as I’m sure you’ll see or agree. But here’s one thing before we jump into the etymology and such things: while I came into my awareness of the word “coochie” as a euphemism for “vagina,” this isn’t some exclusionary version of the term I’m using. Anyone can have a coochie. It’s a feminine part, but we all have feminine, masculine and androgynous in us just by being humxn beings.

So maybe YOUR coochie isn’t representative of a vagina, but feel free to associate it with whatever feels appropriate to your being.


Coochie got its reputation through a series of inaccurate portrayals . . .



Both through the mischaracterization of sensuality as inherently “sexual,” and through the depraved portrayals of black people with the creation of minstrel shows.


But all good stories have a twist. This is why we recount or tell them in the first place. So

Coochie also has something to speak, tell and say: The joke’s on the minstrels.


White-Cishetero-Patriarchy DOING TEW MUCH: Acts and actions of low grade. Inferior performers and performances. Thee most unconvincing blackface dialectics.



Coochie knows people STAY wanting to put the stank on the feminine parts of it and themselves. From the degradation of pigment to the demonizing of hips that can move, Coochie has sloughed off all would-be oppressors. Coochie has always called antagonizing men, womxn or thems, like it’s seen them: unconvincing, inferior performers and actors of low grade dialectics.

Art is subjective and it won’t be shamed out of its preferences. COOCHIE IS WHAT COOCHIE IS.

And a bitch is resilient.

So what exactly are Coochie’s Fables?

Everything from dreams that are not too good to be true—for the truth is most certainly not too good for anyone—to stories that mean well but do not end well for those involved. Coochie comforts, considers and covers all. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? In its most feminized reproductive form, Coochie is the place that all people come from. Me and them and you. Everyone. Its haters included.

“They” say the oldest profession is prostitution. I have always said the oldest profession is robbing fools. And according to not only Coochie’s Fables, but also its own story, both can be true.


I’ll let that resonate with you however you take it. It’s a generalized statement applicable to every race, sex and gender. A bumper sticker and instruction manual, if you will. It is neither my place nor within my abilities to speak for all womxn. And, fortunately and intentionally, I do not have to.

In this most beloved Volume 3, Anthology and 1st Edition, you will read and see the stories of mermaids, womxn, nature, animists, they/thems, men, best friends, secret identities, exes, fiances, lovers and pen-names.

So get comfortable, ease in, have a peek at what’s within. We’re starting a narrative and a conversation. We’re providing other perspectives from which you may better see. See yourself, see your coochie energy, see your desires and see your abilities. As good a beginning as any.