3. Courtney Spiller

Real Life//Something Nice

B - “I need someone to come with me”

C - “Are you scared of airports?”

B - “No! It’s just nicer to travel with someone. Like, with a girlfriend”


C - Then you should probably find a girlfriend 

B - I’d ask you, but…

C - You’d ask me!?

B - Yes! Because I obviously have feelings for you, but honestly I can’t tell if you feel the same way and I want to respect our friendship 

C - That’s awesome. Thank you

B - You’re welcome

C - You need someone to go on this trip with 

B - I do.



A- “I love you”

C - “You do?!”

A - “Honey, I love you so much. I wish you were here. I love you”

C- “Wow. I wish I were there too”

A - “Hold on! ‘I’m on the highway to hell!’

C - “You’re drunk”

A - “It’s the best song! ACDC is the best live band! I’m so drunk”


C- Oh I know

A - I know! But please know this. You’re so fun! And you’re beautiful, and so smart and amazing and I love you

C - You’re so nice and fun and smart, and you’re drunk

A - I’m drunk; but please listen. I’d like to be with you. Wherever and whenever that can happen, I want it to happen

C - Okay, so let’s make it happen

A - Deal?

C - Deal!

A - I love you

C - I love you.



C - “I think if I stick to the Green slope I’ll be fine. Wait, is that what the easy one is called? The Green one, right?”

S - “Wait wait. Stop talking for a sec! ‘You’re my blue sky, you’re my sunny day. Lord you know it makes me high, when you turn your love my way. Turn your love my way.’ K. I just wanted to make sure I sang the chorus to you for your birthday.”

C - “I’m gonna cry.”

S - “I love you. It’s called a Green Circle.”

Courtney Spiller

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