Recommendation for these horoscopes: read for your rising sign. 

Don't know your rising sign? You can find out for free on www.astro.com if you know your birth time. Rising signs change about every two hours of the day, every day. A rising sign is the same as your ascendant and refers to the constellation that is coming up over the eastern horizon at the moment of birth. Rising signs set up the houses of your birth chart, which is your fancy 360 degree global-cosmos positioning map. 

Many astrologers consider the rising sign to be more important than the sun sign! Read both for extra perspective. Don't know your birth time? Read the horoscope for your sun sign with the knowledge that you aren't getting the fullest picture. 

Disclaimer: You are never getting the full picture by simply reading horoscopes generalized to a sign. That's right, you are reading horoscopes written by someone who just admitted upfront that this is a limited, but still useful, perspective. Popular astrology for the masses has great limitations and horoscopes are meant to stimulate your mind and intuition into recognizing possibilities, challenges, and opportunities. If you would like to get really real about your own astrology, start learning to read charts for yourself or go see a seasoned astrologer. 

Extra Disclaimer: Since The Co | is published quarterly, I've decided to give you the juice on the main celestial events of the winter season, the January eclipses. Eclipses really are the true turning-point triggers. Since astrology is a complex system with many moving parts, recognizing the timing of events in your life can be tricky. Have no fear, that's why I'm here. 

Eclipse Pointers: Events that link to the power of eclipses often occur roughly 30, 60, or 90 days after the actual eclipse. Sometimes events will occur roughly 30 days prior to an eclipse or within the days directly surrounding the eclipse. Many astrologers will give eclipses a 6 month span of related activity. When a planet crosses an eclipse degree, we get a sharp boost of released eclipse energies characterized by that planet, so these dates are listed too.

January 5th - New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees 25 minutes of Capricorn

~Venus crosses this eclipse degree on February 17th, eclipse related blessings, nothing major, but still a special energy could bring notable occurrences on this day. 

~Saturn crosses it on February 5th (but expand that to 3 days before and 3 days after because Saturn moves much slower). Responsibilities or commitments related to the new moon eclipse could begin or peak during this week. 

January 20th - Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees 52 minutes of Leo 

~Mercury opposes the 0 degrees Leo eclipse on January 24th and on January 27th it crosses over the eclipse degree from July 27th, 2018... keep your ears open for important news or messages that relate to your eclipse themes.

*Special PSA: We all get the chaotic surprises from an Uranus square to the lunar eclipse, and yet I am only going to remind you of this here. Whether you delight in or detest the wild, rebellious, unpredictable vibe of Uranus, just remember that everyone gets this part in their horoscope. I won't be trying to find 12 ways to tell you to expect the unexpected, so take note.

I like to think that we have a distinct "eclipse season", meaning that we are going through an activated portal of time that begins one week before the first eclipse and lasts until one week after the second eclipse. You will notice many beginnings and endings come about in this four week period. The changes may only be set in motion at this time or they may be completed immediately. There is a chance that an eclipse can pass by without changing much in your life especially if it is not linked to any close degrees in your personal chart. However, if it is, you can bet on something notable happening. Either way, when chatting with others, news of changes in relationships, jobs, living situations, pregnancy, birth, death, and other life changes will be flying about in so many directions that your head may spin. Find a daily practice that calms you down and keeps you grounded and sane while the cosmic tempo quickens.



~Time to get serious about your ambitions. Your reputation and/or career matters are the main theme to consider. Smart and hard work now can pay off in the near future and get you noticed by superiors or the public. If you've been at it already, perhaps your first rewards are coming in now. This is the time to align with your greatest make-your-mark intentions and shine. What is your 'Why' when is comes to your work? Is your work life working for you or do you want to make major shifts into doing something new? If you do, get busy because the new moon tides of change are on your side.

~Two weeks later, the total lunar eclipse sings a different tune. You might be asked to let go of lovers, friends, and indulgent-but-toxic habits. Release what is not serving the greatest good. Mars is well aspected by Jupiter and Venus at this eclipse, so you could discover you are letting go for an upgrade. Saturn is also aspecting Mars. Be mindful of focusing your energies on your responsibilities and avoid the temptation to get into conflict with anyone from your public life, especially those with authority. The same aspect also has the punch to help you change your status from single to happily committed if that's where you are positioned. Always evaluate based on what actually is there and then go with your gut. Dive into your creative pursuits and get social with groups. You may experience super-charged feelings in your sex life or around your children/ potential pregnancy. Make sure your actions align with your intentions in your sex life. Career matters have a heavy emphasis as you may be finally wrapping up a project you started a while ago. Mars is in your sign, Aries, amping up your energies to achieve. When you get restless, don't forget to take dance breaks.


~You'll be evaluating personal and business partnerships with this new moon eclipse. If yours are going well, chances are you'll find ways to strengthen them. Saturn and Pluto have a way of making what's right more serious and committed. If the relationship you are looking at isn't so smooth, it is probably time to cut your losses and move on. All Cancers can be sensitive and nostalgic, but don't be afraid of letting go even if you fear the unknown. Alternatively, don't be afraid of letting go of fear. You'll open yourself up for upgrades if you know you truly need one.

~Money, yours and other peoples too, will be emphasized by this eclipse. Your work life is blessed by some flowing aspects between Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Take advantage of any career opportunities that come along now or on the following full moons. Keep your values as your top priority when making financial decisions, you can probably expect some unexpected expenses so only spend freely if it's not gonna empty your wallet. You may have to navigate some tricky emotional waters within your partnerships, especially if you are still hanging on to any that you have outgrown. It’s time for transformation in many ways. New healthy habits may be just what you need if you have any voids to fill. Your greatest rewards can also come from serving others and your work relationships.


~Everything about this new moon eclipse points to a focus on family, home, and/or possibly the past coming up prominently. Is it possible you will move? Could you be buying or selling property? Responsibilities around your home could increase soon if you aren't changing addresses. Another possibility is that your parents or your children take on a more central role in your life for a while. Your inner emotional terrain could be renewed with intentional work on yourself if that’s what you are called to do.

~Some of the full moon eclipse focus remains on family and home but things will lighten up. Take some short pleasure trips if possible. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction will take any edges off relationships through communication. Use your words to promote harmony and create inclusiveness. Your sisters and brothers, of family or by choice, could also be a source of grace and luck. Children. Parenting. Sex. Entertainment. Fun. These are all possible strong themes and take note of their interplay. Have all the fun you possibly can without taking any unnecessary risks.


~This new moon eclipse is all up in your personal business. You've had Pluto transforming your body, mind, personality, and soul for several years now. Saturn joined the party last year to kick your responsibilities up a notch. Go with it. Are you committed to your self-awareness and personal growth? Are you giving power to your old stories or are you rewriting them to better serve you? If you choose to re-frame yourself and your personal narrative, your psychological reprogramming will be immensely assisted by Jupiter in your twelfth house. This eclipse gives you an edge in the arena of personal development and personal appearance, so take advantage while you can. Be mindful that a square from Mercury in your sign to Mars in Aries may be asking you to put some of your energy into refining the ways you communicate when you face challenges and conflict. Mind your words more than usual, especially with family and folks who are like family.

~Lunar emphasis on all the mysterious eighth house themes (sexuality, death and rebirth, transformation) comes to you alongside the very mundane themes (taxes and shared resources) with the full moon eclipse. The solar side brings up money, your possessions, and personal values. Your ruling planet is square dancing with Mars, and it's not the most friendly aspect. Watch out for possible conflict with family or within your own mind. Channel your physical energies out in a healthy and responsible way. Venus and Jupiter are staying close enough by degree to help soften your ego and smooth things over if you need to do so. The theme of personal growth persists with the second eclipse.


~Have you been considering going back to school? It's possible that all you really want is that specialized course to help you level up. Either way, enroll. Have you thought of taking a trip across borders or over seas? Go. Start planning now if you aren't stepping thru TSA while we all pass thru the eclipse portal. Best option yet, you could travel to learn something. This new moon eclipse blesses it. If these things aren't in the cards for you, consider other ways to expand horizons of your mind and fortify your ambitions.

~This total lunar eclipse may totally uproot your home life in some way. It's possible that your career ambitions may lead to a change of your home address, even if only temporarily to study away from home. Education and travel are in the mix with this eclipse. If you don't move, perhaps you'll be making some major changes around the home or spending more time there then usual. Redecorating or renovations are possible expressions of the eclipse energies. Family matters and/or emotional stuff could be your inner focus, whether it's the present you need to address or past memories surfacing, this is your chance to rewrite your stories and core beliefs about your roots. May you choose beliefs that empower your future self. Jupiter is conjunct your ruler, Venus, at the time of the eclipse and it really doesn't get better than this. Celebrate by having your closest loved ones over for an intimate gathering if you can.


~How can you improve your working relationships? How can you improve your relationship to your work? What will serve you the most this winter and spring is serving others through your work. Are you taking a new day-to-day job or starting a new project with coworkers or someone similar? What habits can you add on to create more health in your daily life? Simple acts repeated daily can add up to powerful shifts. This new moon eclipse asks you to consider making positive changes for your health and work life. Drop what isn't serving your health and put your attention on your work and service to others through your greatest gifts.

~Try to get clarity on what you are seeking in your emotional relationships before the full moon eclipse comes along. Once you have communicated your requests, let go of your attachments to outcomes because others have the upper hand this time. You may tend to feel more emotions with this eclipse and being a rising Leo, those emotions are going to be written all over your face. You can't help but express yourself. Keep communications as clear and clean as possible with coworkers and within all partnerships. With any luck, you'll be learning more about yourself through self love, sexy love, and dedication to hard work.


~You can expect your day-to-day tempo to increase under the influence of our new moon eclipse. Perhaps you take more short trips or have lots of comings and goings of visitors for a period of time. There will be a rapid exchange of ideas in some way or another. Perhaps you'll be the one sharing or teaching your ideas. Siblings, if you have any, might be a focus during this eclipse period. Get used to surprises in relationships coming up, because Uranus is very close to moving into your partnership zone.

~You are the other sign who may find your emotions on display more than usual with the coming full moon eclipse period. How do you feel about your career? How do you feel about your reputation? There is a possibility of difficulties in working relationships for a while, yet you may be making more money soon. It all depends on who you know and how you play your hand. Your powerful emotions can be either an asset or a liability with this full moon elevated so high in your chart. Family matters are just as important and the same thoughts apply to your home life and inner emotional world.


~You may find yourself reflecting more around the new moon eclipse in Capricorn. It's likely that you will favor more quiet time for yourself than usual, at least until the new moon in Aquarius, unless something in your personal chart suggests otherwise. Secrets, yours or others, may surface at this time. Be sure you are presenting yourself honestly and that those around you are doing the same. Pay attention to your night-time dreams and your intuition. It may be trying to tell you something, so take time to get quiet and tune in.

~Partnerships of all kinds are probably your main focus, according to the star positions. You have a distinct advantage having the Sun in your sign at this full moon lunar eclipse. You get to call the shots more often than not. The trick will be to not obsess, and pessimistically self-sabotage your relationships. Heavy energies from Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus will have some influence over your mental state. Be sure to fill your cup up from the most supportive places and people in your community if you feel yourself in a downward spiral. Put your energies into your future visions and get that solar power of the Sun in your sign to work for you.


~Transformation, mysteries, sexuality, death and rebirth, taxes, and/or shared resources are all possible topics around the new moon eclipse for you. These are all eighth house themes and with the new moon eclipse falling in your natural eighth house, you may find yourself dealing with the business of any of them. It's hard to say which will come up because it won't be the same for every rising Gemini. Good thing you are so adaptable and able to juggle the multitudes of possibilities. Stay curious and open.  

~This full moon eclipse will light up your communications, even more than usual. Watch out for intense misunderstandings. Seek to understand others and then to be understood. You have some supportive planets helping you get through anything that comes up. Learning life lessons or going back to school could happen. If you have siblings, they may be a factor in this time period by simply spending more time together/communicating more frequently. Another area of possible events is transportation. Yes, that means more trips or vehicle/commuting stuff coming up. You may need to make repairs at one of the following full moons if not around the full moon eclipse in January. Your luck is up in one-on-one relationships as Venus and Jupiter get together in your natural seventh house.


~You may find there are small sparks flying in your creative or romantic life. We're not talking fireworks this time, it's more like sparklers. It's possible there will be a new lover with this new moon eclipse and if you already have a partner, perhaps you will be reigniting passions, going deeper with your emotions, and possibly getting ready to make greater commitments. Children or pregnancy could figure into the picture, so be intentional about that. Look for ways to bring more fun into your life with this first eclipse. If it's not about romance and sex, then stay positive with humor and find joy in what brings you pleasure. If you don't know what that is, this new moon is the best possible time to do some pleasure research and find out. What feels good to your senses?

~Boundaries are your very best self-care tools for the full moon eclipse. Know what's yours and what belongs to others when it comes to emotions. Use your analytical powers to discern when it it best to be in service to others and when you are better off taking time to reflect on your own ego's undoing. Allow your intuition and your dreams to guide your decision making process in all areas of life. Stay home more or be around your family as much as possible, it's where you will potentially find your greatest joys. Curb any impulses to communicate with intensity as Mercury conjuncts Pluto just before this dramatic full moon.


~How's your financial security these days? Are you looking to change your financial status? It's likely that you will either increase your spending or increase your earnings with this new moon eclipse energy. It's possible that new material possessions may be in order. Spend responsibly if that's the case. Then again, it may actually be your personal values that are up for reconsideration during this period. What do you value most in life? How is that reflected in your daily life? If it isn't, you may think about getting back to basics to make sure you are living in harmony with your values.

~In terms of astrology, many things are lining up for you. This full moon shines down from your natural ninth house. You metaphorically live there, quite happily. You can travel and study, and you'll have no shortage of people to communicate with or things to talk about under the current celestial configurations. Your ruler, Jupiter, gets a conjunction to Venus in your sign at this significant full moon. You are sure to attract others and opportunities quite easily for the first part of the year. You may be tempted to sit around feeling nice and eating lots, but it would be a foolish way to utilize these cosmic energies. Watch your indulgences and keep up with your hikes. If you can't travel as much as you want, you can always continue to expand your cultural awareness and share what you learn with others.  


~What are your greatest hopes and wishes? How can you act now to promote further progress in obtaining them? If you haven't started yet, this new moon eclipse is a great time to get cracking. Your friendships and the groups that you belong to are also likely to be on your mind and filling up your calendar. You might be making new friends too. If you find yourself in need of emotional support, reach out to friends because they are likely to be extra receptive. If you find yourself able to give, ask yourself what causes and groups you believe in serving and how then decide how you can show up to further progress.   

~It's your time for a self-awareness check in. Where are you restricting yourself? Can you release another layer of self-limiting beliefs? Where would you be wise to make restrictions for your health; mental, physical, and emotional? This full moon eclipse activates your subconscious and gives you a grand opportunity to uncover and integrate new perspectives of yourself. Intuitive self-healing and just about any other creative endeavor is supported by Neptune and her square angle to the beneficial planets Venus and Jupiter, which happen to be blessing up your career and reputation zone. Make the most of this while you can.