Well hello again or for the first time! Season’s Greetings.

Isn’t it strange we only say that during the Winter?

All seasons have their time of showing up and greeting us. Yet “we” don’t acknowledge them for the doing of this.

No longer.

TABOUGIE is a word I made up.
— Sanyu Estelle

That in and of itself isn’t miraculous. All words have been constructed for use since language became necessary and I like that. Noticing the mystical in the mundane is the majesty from which we will find equilibrium. Existence is simple in its complexity. Masterful in its neutrality. Profound as a manner of the circumstances that complete it, which is everything and anything. The nature of Existence is to exist after all. That’s all it does and is doing. We couldn’t ask for better leadership as conscious beings in creation. We couldn’t be a part of anything more powerful as a collective.

Yet the current invention of humxnity looks to the opposite.

Privilege means “private law” according to its etymological source words. And it represents the concept of legalized and privatized access to necessities (water, shelter, food, health, warmth, sleep, companionship, one’s body) or resources (how the necessities are constructed or formed into socially designated valuables).

What we have decided about privilege on this planet is that it is a globally accepted “permission slip” to commit any manner of violations against others without being beholden to either sanctions or responsibility for it. Thus, money—a “having” currently designated as valuable—allows individuals to violate others in ways they would never want done to themselves without societies doing anything to respond collectively as a result.

The same can be said of those who are given privilege because they are pale or light on pigment, have a penis, are able to use their 5 senses easily or at all, are youthful, are thin or otherwise associated with being “fit,” or who are attracted to or identify as what is claimed to be a binary of genders along what is actually an infinite spectrum of possibilities and identifiers.

Privilege is considered prestigious and is categorized as a distinguisher of ‘refinement,’ yet it is inherently biased.

It is inherently non-inclusive re: “private law.” And it is founded upon the denial of others or most for the allowance of some or few. Otherwise known as systemically prejudiced and negating. But for some reason privilege is not treated as taboo. It is not considered IN AND OF ITSELF as something that should only be used for the sacred or not at all. Rather, there are always qualifiers in front of it; as if the qualifier is what causes privilege to be dissociative and segregative.


That which is sacred, especially marked, forbidden, devoted, prohibited, holy, consecrated, unknowable, or of untrusted origin.


That which is high, distinguished or apart from something perceived of as, or made, lower.


The bourgeoisie were “only” “middle class.” They weren’t the Marie Antoinette’s of France, though she has certainly become the poster-child for the representation of this concept. And of course. How does “1%” of the world’s populace oppress “99%” of the world’s population WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED?

It’s a trick question.

There is no way a minority can oppress a majority without their consent or superior weapons.

If people believe that having to concede to private law—which gives necessities as privileges to only a percentage of the population based on segregative qualifiers—is ultimately “just the way things are,” then some version of that modus operandi will always be in the rotation of social conditioning. Even under the “nicest” or most “refined” of circumstances.

Scarcity ideation allows for hoarding, hiding and feeling entitled to things that are needed by everybody. And I am not even talking about just every humxn.

I offer you a concept to replace privilege entirely:

TABOUGIE | Making that which is ‘sacred’ or ‘holy’ peak (high) and distinguished; Making that which is especially marked as ‘forbidden’ or ‘prohibited’ distinguished and apart from.

The trick here—and there are always tricks (paradox) where there are choices, tricksters (paradoxes) or crossroads—is to know a Taboo when you see one. And then to regard it appropriately.

This takes an honesty humxns are only just beginning to re-establish the awareness of the necessity of. It requires a willingness to allow things to be as they are to themselves, regardless of our personal preference(s) as to how WE are choosing to be or exist.

The opposite of laws or privileges only designated for the few or privatized are laws or privileges only designated for the many or the public; which is to say,

Public Law | That which applies to everyone outside of their own bodies, homes or abodes (however that abode may be represented by earthly materials) as a collective.