Hello. Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

* Cuts Ribbons *

This is our inauguration volume. The first of many to come.

The idea of The | Co came to me in the Fall of 2017. I was just getting to what I thought (incorrectly) was my peak illness, but I was alive and in LA and something was gonna happen as a result of that regardless.

Initially The | Co was a collective caravan. It will, eventually, still become a physically enacted community that serves to educate and elucidate. That’s just how I am. My name is Sanyu, by the way. You will know me best here as Sanyu Estelle.

Personally, I identify with everything The | Co claims and represents. It is my brainchild and I am the poster-child for it. Yet the point is to be a collective, so I am not alone here. I have an extensive network of friends and creatives who have helped me bring this brainchild into beingness. Not least of which are the Co | Workers who are with me behind the scenes, as well as the 8 contributors for the Co | Zine, Volume 1.

The theme for Winter Solstice 2018 is SWAN SONGS, What’s on its way out . . . What has got to go.

It’s not a question so much as it is a reflection. A statement. An invocation. ‘Tis the season to let things go, after (f)all . . . I couldn’t help myself. Though it is true that in capitalistic worlds we do hoard as well this time of year and all times of year; at this time we also intentionally choose to give and that is a behavior it is well to encourage the healthy subsistence of.

So here we are, giving you the Co | Zine as a vehicle for Swan Songs.

To make sound
To make
an incantation

Make a sound? Make an incantation? Make a splash? Ripple the pond? Sing? Soar? Dive? Take flight? Be active? Say goodbye? Yes. To all of it.

There are, indeed, things that must go. And we welcome them to leave just as we welcome you here to see them off.

Whatever you may need gone, may it be away from you soon. For consent is 99% of Free Will. That last 1% being the fact that Existence is just happening to/with you.

That part we don’t make up. But we can make something of it. And of ourselves as a result.

So however you have come here we are glad to have you. May you enjoy and utilize whatever you find to be of use.

We are grateful to life, we are grateful for community, we are grateful for the changes that are inevitable and we live in infinite gratitude for the things that must be on their way and that let that and themselves be known to us regardless.

Blessed Winter Solstice upon yours and you.