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Swan song, you say? A final number. A last hurrah. What has to go? How about dying ideals? Let's let the ideals of the patriarchy die, shall we? It's apropos by the planets.

Even astrological lore has been permeated by the patriarchy. An interesting discrepancy of the natural order of rulerships comes up when we look at Saturn and Capricorn.

Our ancestors, probably the Greeks, who were notorious for editing the divine feminine out of their mythology, aligned Saturn with the masculine principle. Nevermind that the sign Saturn rules is feminine? This is odd. Why would Capricorn be the only sign with mismatched polarity to her ruling planet? Jupiter and Sagittarius are both aligned with the masculine. 

Why would the original astrologers give more planets to the masculine polarity than to the feminine?

At the time before stargazers could see Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, it should of been logical to have a balanced of the masculine and feminine planets. But instead, the Moon is the only luminary given full femininity and rulership over a feminine sign, Cancer. Her counterpart, the Sun, is connected to the masculine sign Leo. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are each given a masculine and a feminine sign to rule. For example, Venus rules both Taurus (feminine) and Libra (masculine). Mercury rules Virgo (feminine) and Gemini (masculine). Mars rules Scorpio (feminine) and Aries (masculine) in traditional astrology.

Yet when we travel beyond the inner planets and get to the two social giants, Jupiter and Saturn, an imbalance occurs. The two largest planets are both masculine? Nope. I don't buy in. I see the veil of the patriarchy.Allow me to pull it back for you.







Saturn is feminine. She is the archetype of the wise old women, not father time. The Crone. The Hag. The Beldam. There is a tiny tale in the word Beldam, once French for beautiful, later reversed to mean an old woman, an ugly or malicious woman, a witch. She used to be honored and respected before she was re-branded and demonized. Similar etymological reversals have been seen in most words from Europe that once honored the feminine.

It has been argued that women gave us the concept of time. It is woman who has an observable menstrual cycle linked to the cycles of the moon. Thank you Leonard Schlain, respected neurosurgeon and author of the book Sex, Time, Power, for pointing this out. It is woman who often outlives her male counterparts, gaining a longer range view of life.

I like to think Saturn is our honored Grandmother Time.

She is feminine and she is in her home sign, land of the original boss babe, Capricorn.  Winter solstice 2018 marks the end of her first year in Capricorn. If you can't see emergence of the feminine in politics, news, business, and culture in 2018, you must be sleeping. Expect more of the same themes in 2019. Saturn is chasing Pluto through Capricorn, and gaining ground. We can look forward to even greater era-defining events when they meet by conjunction in 2020. We all know what's coming: women are stepping into their own power and inhabiting powerful leadership roles. You can expect this trend to continue in sync with the astrological zeitgeist.








Capricorn is the sign of restriction, resistance, structure, order, discipline, ambition, the modern idea of career, and one's place in the outer world and reputation. Well, we all know a woman's place is supposed to be in the home with the children, according to the patriarchy. How could ancient astrologers recognize the Saturnine power as feminine and keep their women tied to the hearth? Simple... they didn't. By them, Saturn was associated with the masculine instead.

Woman’s power has been and still is unjustly feared. That fear has got to go.

How unfortunate for humanity... can you imagine a world where woman and the feminine were revered? Honored? Respected? Valued? Believed? Elevated?

It's coming, slowly but surely. So let the patriarchy sing its swan song. Let's lift the oppressions it has cast on all who do not enjoy its misgiven privileges. While we are at it, let’s let the whole harmful idea of white supremacy die too. Shall we end that idiocy already? Of course we should.







After Uranus takes a last dance through the sign of Aries, we'll see another shift that must be made if we are all to survive the coming changes to our Mother Earth. Aries is the sign of individualism. Since 2010, Uranus has been shaking up our culture with wide-spread industry-disrupting technology and an emphasis individuals operating solely with much more freedom, under decentralized companies, such as Lyft and AirBnB.  On March 6th 2019, Uranus exits Aries for good for the fertile ground of Taurus. Our merry trickster planet is set to cause disruptions in agricultural systems, collective value-shaping belief systems, and our monetary systems worldwide. What will be different in this sign is that Uranus will ask us to work together in new ways. Taurus is a sign that craves interpersonal connections. The Great Awakener planet will force us to look at our connections to each other and to our environment. We must create new and sustainable ways of living in harmony. Taurus likes harmony and stability. Uranus promotes collective efforts but promises us little stability for the next decade or so. Bring on the changes! Capitalism is also up for reworking under this transit. Money and resources are the territory of Taurus too. Keeping in theme, Taurus is a feminine sign as well, so we can hope for inclusive, holistic, and nurturing feminine ways to shape these collective shifts and shake ups.

Back to the present moment... as this is published, we celebrate the winter solstice. There is much to celebrate because we have made it through a year of so many charged retrogrades of personal planets and outer planets as well as five eclipses instead of the usual four per year. Mercury is covering the recent retrograde shadow sky until December 24th. Venus has just completed her last pass over retrograde shadow sky on December 18th. You may notice that whatever themes come up before the retrograde of the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are often repeated during and again after the retrograde as the planet passes retrograde sky degrees three times. "Omne trium perfectum" means 'every set of three is perfect or complete'. Whether good or bad it does not matter, the point is that things do come in threes when we have personal transits in retrograde degrees. Fortunately, between winter solstice and spring equinox, we are coming to one of those rare periods of time where no major planets are going to be retrograde (January 6th until March 5th). Take advantage of the forward momentum in our solar system to advance your projects.